September 25th, 2002

good stuff


My teacher came into the comp lab and saw a bunch of us in here and asked how we were doing. Hey man he's niot suppose to see us working on what's due in only a couple of hours lol! Now he knows we procrastinate! LOL! *cuz you know of course he didn't know before* Anyway he saw me fixing up mine and I asked if it's okay if they are really sketchy and he said yeah so yay! I'm done now. Now I just have an hour til class and I'm still dieing of thirst but to lazy to go pay $1 for a 20 ounce's a waste of money too man! You can get a 1 liter bottle for 79 cents and they make us pay a buck for 20 ounces? How lame. But I need something before I fall asleep. ZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.....
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