September 26th, 2002


Rip off!

So I posted in Kenny's message board on his website asking if someone could burn me a copy of Kenny's "In My Wildest Dreams" CD because it's out of print now and someone said sure I'll do it just email me!

Yeah I emailed her and she wrote...'how does $14 sound?' she's nuts! $14!!!! The CD costs like $1 and the shipping is what? like $2? oh and the labor from her computer and he time...$5 is enough for that! LOL!... haha I'm gonna buy it and then burn everyone copies for $8! So she'll loose her buisness for being greedy!
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    I Wan'na Be Like You ~ Smash Mouth


Now I know why I don't have an *NSYNC Icon...I can't find a picture of them together that I like...I guess this will do for now

until my private photo shoot with them of course lol...yeah in my dreams

I like my new default one tho! =)