September 28th, 2002


Who wants a livejournal?

I think gmd needs one lol (yeah if he sees this he's gonna get all pissy about me saying gmd...hahaha his user name should be gmd) =P


LOL I was singing this song yesterday as I was walking downstairs and my dad's all "you're FINLLY satisfied? It's about time!" LOL!
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    So Satisfied ~ Tony Lucca

Hehe Kenny!

Me and Kenny, man we are so on the same wavelength lol!! He's got woodfloors in his tour bus! And they had to keep reinstalling the stereo until it was perfect. Yeah we are so meant for eachother lol Now if he'd just realize that and grow a few inches hehe

Anyway I found this out cuz he was just on The Only Way To Go on the Travel Channel.

That's all, oh and I'm bored out of my mind cuz my friends are nowhere to be found. :/
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    How Long ~ Kenny Chesney


Don't throw on all that make-up for me
There aint a single part of you, I wouldn't wanna see
You see make-up only makes up for what's lacking on the inside
and you ain't lacking babe
And don't feel you gotta dress a certain way
There ain't no statement you can make that could say much more then you already say say say
Say I hear you babe
I hear you baby
I hear you when you call for me
when your reaching out to offer me the sweetest taste of heaven...

Download this song NOW! =)
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    Honestly For You ~ Tony Lucca