October 1st, 2002



Well Maria showed me how to put a background image on my page but the stupid server isn't uploading the picture correctly, so if you see it tell me how it looks or else I'm gonna have to tweak it, if it even comes up. It's set for an 800x600 screen so it may be all jacked up if your resolution is different, Mine's 1024x768, but my web browser doesn't take the whole screen so I'll have to see.

Anyway I'm going to bed! Gotta get $10 Countryfest tickets tomorrow, if I remember lol.
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    A Thousand Daydreams ~ Tony Lucca

Tony Tony Tony!

Friday, October 11th
Tony goes on at 10pm
$10 cover charge
21+ unless you have dinner reservations

The Mint
6010 W. Pico Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90035
Reservation Line:(323) 954-8241

Yippee!! Tony time again!
Will he sing 'Honestly For You'? or 'Bottle of Rain'? or even 'Hold You Tonight'?
We shall see hehe!
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