October 7th, 2002


La, la, la...

Bored at school...la, la, la lol!

So yeay The Mint finally called us back and we have the same crappy ass seats as last time but at least we have seats so it's ALL good!

We got our General Admission HOB tickets this morning too...heard the VIPs were on sale at the venue and thought maybe we could get some friday when we are up there for Tony's show...but alas it seems they are sold out already. I don't care anymore, I'm just glad we're going! We get to see Tony perform and JC sing with him..awe yeah...it's gonna be awesome.

Anyway someone can entertain me now lol...anyone? lol
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Ok 7th Heaven is still totally lame but boy those Stults Brothers hehe they're hot!
THOSE GUYS are my type hehe!
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