October 20th, 2002


Tony Dream

So....I had a Tony dream last night lol... Ok this is ALL a dream none of it is true except the the fact that I have played flute, guitar and piano and that I'm in a piano class right now, lol!.....

I'm at The Mint...but it doesn't look like the Mint anymore, well it looks like the Mint but the stage is pushed back farther and is raised more. The floor is cement. Tony's band is up on the stage but his microphones are all placed down on the floor level along with a stool. The tables are about 20 feet back. So I'm sitting in the front, the first person at the table in the center. My sister was there too but she was sitting somewhere else. So Tony comes out and gets ready for his show and Jen (the San Diego ST LM lol?) and I go up to him and start talking. We're talking about how sometimes he has other people play before he goes on and he says "Yeah sometimes we showcase people before I go on like Jen and Justin" And I said "yeah I was here both times you did that". Ok so Jen was the Jen I was with and she had once played clarinet before his show...the Justin was Justin Guarini and he had sung once before his show...and when he said Justin I looked into the audience and saw him and he smiled and waved. So then I start telling him about how I use to play guitar, flute and piano but now I can't play any of those instruments. So he looks at me and says "Why don't you try again? You know once you know the basics it's not hard to pick it up again." So I said "yeah that's true". Then before we left I said "Actually I'm taking a piano class right now and I was wondering if you could give me the sheet music for 'It's You'?." Then out of nowhere there is a grand piano in front of us and Tony starts playing and scribbling down the sheet music but he can't remember iot all so he says he'll give it to me after the show. So we went back to our seats but now the Mint was gone and our seats were like stadium seating at a high school football game (you know those huge cement stairs) I know Maria and Angela were there too but the girls behind us had their feet in my way so I sat by my sister instead. So Tony started out saying he was "going to improv a lot tonight" That's when I thought "Darn I should have asked him to sing 'White Morning'!" Then Chrissy asked me what I had said to him and I tell her "I'll tell you later." Then I woke up with White Morning stuck in my head LOL!

I liked that dream! Even tho it was a bit strange.

Oh and bowling is bad...lol...my shoulder is totally sore now :(

Oh and I finished reading that book! YEAY! It was so good too!! But you totally need kleenex during the last couple chapters...
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Purrrrrrrdroolrrrrrrr =P

So my cat is meowing at me right? I'm in the computer/sewing room with my mom. Anyway so I pick him up, well he's got his claws out so he's practically sctratching me, so I held him for a little while and then put him down...So I'm talking to my mom about something when I stop mid-sentance cuz I looked down and my shirt is wet YUCK!! So my mom looks at my cat and says "aww did you do that" and I say "No I just randomly drool on myself from time to time =P"....laughter ensues...Stupid cat, how gross!
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good stuff

That darn Alloy catalog sucked me in again!

Since I seem to be a glutten for punishment...and even though I hate alloy.com I ordered more clothes lol 

product / item# / color / qty / price
 SLINKY TIE-BACK TUNIC  9M4313   camel  1  $22.00
 TANGO TOP  9R4310   camel  1  $22.00
 MUDD DISTRESSED STRETCH JEANS 35" INSEAM  8M4013   blue denim  1  $36.00
 ANGLED BELL SLEEVE TEE  9E4144   khaki  1  $15.00

subtotal: $95.00
shipping: $.00
estimated tax: $7.28
total: $102.28
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