November 5th, 2002


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GOOD MORNING PEOPLE! haha! Why am I awake? I have NO idea!

So...umm...Jayna? Disney? yes/no? Hey Angela I asked Jayna if she wants ta go to Disneyland on sunday since we didn't go last time, do you wanna go too if she says yes? They started the snow (but we'll have to go back closer to Christmas with Maria if she ever gets any money haha). Brad might come too unless he's workin...
IF SHE ANSWERS ME!! hahahaha! =) Just playin' I know you're busy!

are we goin ta dinna tanight Angela and Maria? I hafta give Angela her present and it's a day late that means I want ya ta BE OLD HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Woohoo I have homework up the wazoo! haha! Oh and :( it's weird bein in class by myself.

I'm gonna go to KMart and get YaYa! I'm still thinkin about 'Justified'. I'm like I'll get it, no I won't, I'll get it, no I won't. I mean I already have the mp3's so it's not about the music anymore...

But hey hey 1 week from today....TONY baby!! And seeing Justin on 20/20 last night got me all excited about seeing JC too. Look out HOB!!! lol

Well I better go get ready for work heh!
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DARNIT!! I want YaYa! A lady at KMart took the last one!! HOW RUDE!!!
I hate KMart, it's so ghetto, but it was the cheapest there.

I LOVE GILMORE GIRLS!! That show is so cute!

Awe yeah I got my Kenny Chesney NS, NS, NP sheet music today!!

Angela Maria and I went to PF Changs for dinner yummy!
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"if you're lucky enough to meet the right woman...and she's stupid enough to fall in love with hang onto her like a sonofabitch" ~ Dr. Brown (Everwood)
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