November 11th, 2002



I got pulled over early this morning right before the college exit on 8.

Maria and I are driving down the 8 almost home from Disneyland (since I made her come with me haha) singing "I Need Love" from NSYNC and talking about why in the world they recorded that song when I look in my rear-view mirror and wow it's bright in my car man. I swear that cop had every light in his car on sheesh. So I pull over and I don't even know if I'm suppose to get off the exit or what so I just pulled off to the side and stopped and ok it's so stupid with those damn lights you can't tell if they've stopped or if they're still going or what sheesh! Anyway so he asks for my liscence and registration and I had him my liscence and insurance card since they are together in my wallet then he's all "your registration" and I looked for it in my glove compartment and got it out. I'm all "how fast did you have me going" and he said "90" and I said "NINETY?!" and he said "90" and shook his head "we've been tailing you for the last half mile". So I said oh well we're trying to get hom ecuz I have class in the morning" and he asked where we were coming from and I said "LA" so he asked if my address was right and went to his car.
So I'm thinking dammit dammit dammit, you know how much this is gonna cost?
Then he comes back, hands me my stuff and says "slow down" and walks away.


And yeah I had been going 95 down the 5 without even noticing it earlier...when you aren't looking at the speedometer you don't realize how fast you're going and there was NO ONE on the street!

But yeah that scared the crap outta me.


I have a headache T H I S big

my collarbone hurts

I'm super tired

I'm hungry

and I'm stuck in class til 9:10 and it's not easy to learn stuff when you have a headache and just wanna go to bed.