November 26th, 2002


I just realized...

my room is BORING!

So...for christmas I want posters!

Matchbox20, Kenny Chesney, Jewel, Tim McGraw, dolphins, Dawson's Creek, Savage Garden, ...anything cool you know just POSTERS I want posters everywhere!!

Ok my all time wish would be a Tony Lucca poster but since there are none :(.

I have an NSYNC poster already but I don't have it's the cowboy!sync poster hehe.
It just seems like I need more then one to put them up.

Haha I don't know where I'm gonna put them, it's not like I have much wall space but I want posters man! haha

OMG...a While You Were Sleeping poster....WHY DONT I HAVE ONE?! lol

ok I'm done now
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    Tickin' Away ~ Tim McGraw


So my parents bought me that Norton Utilities thing to fix my computer right? Yeah it cost $100!!

Anyway so I run it and I just hit fix all, whatever you know? Ok so it ended up with MAJOR PROBLEMS FOUND...ummm ok the service guy said it would fix my major problems!

And now I'm trying to save an illustrator file and it won't save! This is just great! I love my computer!
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    Make It Alright ~ Tony Lucca