January 9th, 2003



I'm on Vicodin heh...okay so it's the generic version of it...heh

Now I wanna watch 28 Days lol!

I guess I should go take a shower and get dressed first.

What I really want is video of the nurses yesterday putting my sweater and glasses on and carrying me out to the 'recovery bed' lol! I woke up with that stuff on and was like 'what the heck?' I thought they'd hand them to me when I woke up.
It was so weird though I thought they'd have me count down or something until I passed out but the last thing I remember thinking was that I was going to keep my eyes open until I knew I was almost gone haha then I woke up in that little bed I had seen some guy in when I walked passed it earlier haha!
My mom said the doctor came out and said hi to her and that he touched my face and that I was awake at that time and I don't remember any of that, all I remember is the nurse telling my mom to go bring the car around and her helping me walk out the door lol.

I'm just glad this only has to happen once in your life...
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