February 8th, 2003


Waaaaa....Target is scary!

OMG...that was the weirdest experience at Target I've ever had.

First I walked over to the CDs where I swear I saw some guy that looked exactly like Brian (except for the hair) and I guess I looked a little too long (out of shock) cuz then he looked at me and then I swear he was following me around the CD and DVDs. The weirdest part was he even sounded like him cuz I heard him go "Hey Six Feet Under"...

Then I'm walking thru the aisles and I hear in the next isle over "you would pull your penis out"...umm yeah okay...

Then I'm walking to the checkout past the Valentine's section and I see this REALLY tall old man in a purple outfit with a fushia cape...yeah cape...

ummm... was I dreaming this? lol

Oh well I got my CD and contact solution and was out of there under $21! woohoo!

Oh yeah and Angela ya cell phone was in my car haha! I'll call ya later about it since ya at work anyway I think and I'm off to church in a bit.
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lol hey I haven't checked in on Strongbad in awhile...there were 4 new animations on there since the last one I saw lol...my favs are still 'new hands' and 'lures and jigs'. It's crazy that someone does those one a week for no money or anything, but I guess it's a great portfolio piece. And they do sell merchandise so....lol!
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