February 17th, 2003

cowboy me


apparently being southern is a state of mind...lol

must...have...more... Hunny Pots!
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yay I like my journal now! haha!

How embarrasing...I went to Aaron Brothers to get a big sheet of gray paper so I can finally shoot my golf ball box for my portfolio and I had left my wallet in my car...i didn't put it back in my purse after I used my card at the gas station so I said "whoops where's my wallet? It must be in my car, hang on I'll be right back" drrr omg I felt stupid. I went back tho and paid and left lol! I wonder if the guy thought I was just gonna leave or something because when I came back the customer that was there said "oh there she is" lol...but yeah dumb...

I saw Sonya Fitzpatrick on Crossing Over with John Edward today! I didn't know she was gonna be on, I never catch her show on Animal planet. But today I got home from lunch with Sarah and then I looked over at the radio and said "ooo it's 2pm" then my dad said "why what's on at 2pm" since I guess he heard me in the other room and so I said "John!" hehe! Anyway his dogs are so adorable!! And it was so cute that one of them said it wasn't going to..ummm...do it's buisness outside if it was even a little bit wet haha! And how the spirits tell them to bark sometimes... And how they were wondering where the baby was and if they were going to have another one! It was too cute!

The TRL Awards...ummm yeah does Britney really need to show us her hip bones? ewww I hate when people have their pants/skirts that low! Justin was cute and JC...yeah...lol I missed part of his cuz during the commericals I had been channel surfing and got stuck on Jules Asner and Jennifer Lopez.

Ooo it's almost time to gag while watching 7th Heaven. lol...I would watch Joe Millionaire or whatever else is on but I love Everwood and it's on at 9 so there's no sence in starting some show you can't finish.
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