June 11th, 2003



Isn't it perfect how the memories feel the same
Isn't it amazing how the song remains unchanged
Time is wasted on money and money wasted on lust
Treat her like a lady and she'll never get enough
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cowboy me


What am I doing going to North Carolina?

...okay I'm going to attempt to write about San Fran now lmao
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ewww you guys!
I went to the post office to get our mail.
So I walk in and this ghetto ass nasty guy whistles at me....BLECH!
Then he left and I left and when I was trying to get into my car as fast as possible he got in his car and started making kissing noises to me!! Waaaaaaa!

I'm TELLING YOU! I'm not lying when I say only nasty guys and gross old men hit on me! That's WHY I haven't had a boyfriend...man that's so gross...
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    Home To Me ~ Josh Kelley