July 8th, 2006

friendship laughter

Birthday #1 (the one 2 days before my birthday haha)

My friends rock. And I've only seen half of them.

So I got to Miguel's just as they call my name for my table being ready, weird. Anabel and Joel were there already, waiting. So we went over to the table and then Ashley and her brother showed up. Yay half the table was here. So a little while later J wanders in and then Cliff and Mel showed up. Janeen came just after we had ordered but didn't get her foor much later then we did.

Dinner was good, there weren't too many people and I sat in the center and could hear conversations on both sides. It was way better then that first Buca birthday where I hardly got to talk to anyone. But I'm sure I annoyed Ashley and Chrissy when I'd constantly go "what? huh?" when I was trying to get into their conversation cuz Chrissy was talking about Horseback riding and something else.

Highlights of the night...
• J's card. Everyone was telling me to open my presents so I said "I hate opening presents in front of everyone, I don't like being the center of attention", so I open his card and it says "Today you are the center of attention" Haha it's was so crazy it seemed scripted.
• Ashley got me 2 months of netflix. Better believe I've got movies lined up already. Does anyone have any recommendations?
• Everyone seemed to have a good time. Well Janeen was quiet and that was weird but I hope everything was fine with her.
• Anabel taking a picture of me and J, hahaha, J HATES having his picture taken. That camera phone she had was insane.
• Cliff & Mel's surprising present haha!
• "oh a sexy bear, cute", "there's something else in there!" "oh angel mist, sweet!" haha. The box was so light I didn't notice there was something else in there. It smells good too and I was thinking about how much I needed a new perfume or spray or something.

I need to go to bed, I have to work tomorrow.
I hope I remember how to get there.

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