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This Blows!

Ok I'm at school and I should be studying for my anthro class but now I'm pissed off, this sucks!! I didn't get in the interneship class and the stupid ass thing is they say you should resubmit your portfolio December 1st HAHAHAHA YEAH RIGHT! I'm not gonna be here next spring!!!! Now I may be here next fall but definately not next spring, they're crazy if they think that!!

Now I'm wondering if Vanessa got in.

Damn now I really need to get into that stupid Art 444 class!!

Now I'm enrolled in that Jazz Appreciation class and some lame ass Women in Literature class, great, what a fun summer I'll have and if I don't even get in my Art 444 class I'll be here next semester too

  • Past

    Man, reading my old posts is cringy. lol

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  • Dude.

    *taps mic* Is this thing on?

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