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The Reel *NSYNC

Ok so I just realized, after getting an email from Judi, that I haven't written about the REEL *NSYNC DVD I got! OMG it's hilarious! Ok so the best parts are...
• No Mercy singing "Please Don't Go" and the guys lip synching it all around the airport, they are so cute LOL!
• JC dressing as Joey and Chris wrapping up his arm as Justin, teasing the fans. They're so funny!
• The whole "Isn't That Something" Lance thing, nice tour of the African house, thanks man.
• Lance singing that song lol! WE GET TO HEAR LANCE'S VOICE!
• The "I Love Chris" letter, the LONG letter, little did they know this would probably be the first of many.
• JC laughing, he's so cute LOL!
• Chris eating, or rather spiiting out, the mussle LOL!
and finally
• "Do Run Run" LOL Angela and Maria know a lot about the camera's bright light being in their faces too LOL!

Yeah those guys are so cute! LOL! The Train thing was funny too and just the fact that they were sitting on ostrichs LOL! OOOOOOOOKay guys! Oh and Chris and Lance were together a LOT! And Justin and JC but there was a little Lance/JC thing goin on in the tour bus when they were all pretending to be on a rollercoaster LOL!

So anyway back to reality I talked to Kathy today, that was cool. Oh and Vanessa didn't get in the internship class either and neither did this girl Ellie. No one I know got in.

So tonight is "booze it up with ya professor night" well that's what Angela and I named it LOL! It's actually sushi and beer night LOL! Well I gotta go take a shower cuz I was making cookies for class all morning, what a stupid project, OH AND THEN I get home and drop them all on the floor, good one!!

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