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Happy Graduation Day to me!

So yeah, I woke up at the crack of dawn, got to the Cox Arena an hour early and met up with Vanessa, we entered the Arena half an hour late, it took another half hour to get everyone seated, we sat for an hour listening to the most boring speeches known to man and then left, walked over to the other mini Ceremony where they call our names in the Rec Center and then we left. Then I went to the Western Warehouse with Angela and Maria where they got cowboy hats! YEAYA! Then we went to Plaza Bonita, and then at 3 met my parents and grandparents across the parking lot at the Outback where I ate fast like I always do and then had the worst pain ever in my stomch for like 2 hours. Then Angela Maria and I were hanging out at my house, we watched the tape of my graduation processional and the Britney's Driven on VH1. Then we were bored so Angela was throwing around the football with me (the stufft football) and she was hitting Maria on the head, like playing around. Then Maria got kinda pissed and Angela started shaking her keys as if she wanted to go so they left.

Ok now the weird part.... My sister's all "your phone is ringing" so I run up the stairs and here's the conversation...
*low sultry male voice (kinda creepy)* "hey"
"how are you doin?"
"who is this?"
"I think you have the wrong number"
"Is this Linda?"
"oh well what's your name?"
*pause* "YOU'RE A FREAK!" *click*

Then I went online and Angela said now she wants ice cream LOL! And she said she changed her mind about wanting to be home cuz it's boring LOL So we decided to go to Baskin Robbins and I dared her to wear her cowboy hat so she said she would only if I did and so I said okay! Of course I was laughing the whole time.
Then we decided to rent that "O Brother, Where Art Thou" movie LOL! So we went to Blockbuster, laughing, wearing our cowboy hats LOL!

Then we went to Angela's and watched the movie. It was alright. I mean not great but it didn't suck either. The Klan part was so funny though man! I mean I know it's not funny but they way they showed it looked hilarious they're all marchin like idiots and man we watched that part with the storyboards and those dumb cone sheets covering their heads! Man it was SO funny in the drawings they looked like cream puffs in water LOL!

So now I'm home and I need to go ta bed man I'm TIRED!!

11 days til Kenny!

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