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Ok I know it was on awhile ago but I just now have time to watch it! The COsby show reunion, now I ALWAYS watched that show man! I loved that show! And man Malcolm-Jamal Warner got hot! Man he's CUTE! Now I wanna go see Bill when he comes here! LOL! But man they need to release the old Cosby show episodes on DVD!

Ok so Felicity's finale was on last night and I just saw it and it was really good for a series finale! I really liked it! Last night Angela, Maria and I went to D&B and were talking about how Felicity got to go back in time and we all decided if we could we would, even if it meant doing all these past years over again. Dang man we could make things SO different! And if it was like Felicity and we remembered everything that would be awesome!! We could be NSYNC fans right when they come out! I could actually give Jacob my number, yeah why recently has this come back up? LOL, I could get my boring ass job earlier lol! I could start out as a graphics design major instead of making myself need to stay one more year in school! But anyway I think you get the point. So yeah i'd go back to March of 1996. :)

The ACM Awards, was it just me or did Kenny look a little burnt out? Oh well he's got a few days to rest in Vegas before soming here :)! LOL! Reba's awesome though! But JoDee Messina has to choose a diff wardrobe cuz she's to buff to wear that dress. Faith and Tim were cute as always though I didn't get to see Tim's performance cuz the last 20 minutes of the awards was cut off :(. I need to go buy more tapes.

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