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Okay so I've been mad at Kenny since about midnight until now because he didn't come out and sign autographs after the LA concert and I heard that other people said about an hour after the concert he comes out and signs autographs before they leave right? So we waited until freakin 1:30 in the morning when the bus drove off :(. And we knew Kenny was in there because some guy came out of his bus and asked this girl for a light because he didn't have a lighter. So the girl said "yeah but you've gotta tell us if Kenny's in there cuz we wanna get his autograph" and he goes "what do you want autographed?" And well there is a song of Kenny's called "How Forever Feels" and the first lines are "Big Orange ball sinkin in the water" and so from backstage out come these huge orange balloons and this girl had one of them. So the guy runs back into the bus has Kenny autograph it and comes back out. And it's totally his autograph, not a fake. So we knew he was in there and he totally didn't even come out for even a second. But anyway I'm eating dinner and in between my dad yelling at me telling me I'm stupid for going up there to see him again my mom says on the radio she heard that Kenny went out and said hi to all the tailgaters at the concert here in san diego. So now I'm mad we didn't get to the concert all early and tailgate but oh well what can I do now? But I think that's so awesome! People were just sitting around drinking and eating and up comes Kenny Chesney to say hello. MAN!

Well we got there at around 4 I guess it was and I wanted to walk around and see if we could see anyone backstage, so Angela and Chrisy stayed in the car and Maria and I walked around. We looked backstage but didn't see anyone that looked familiar. So we saw a CMT van and went over and got a bunch of free pins, bottle openers and balloons. So we're going back and we look backstage again and I see a guy sitting on a lawn chair in the back and I know it has to be Kenny because well lets just say Kenny has a very distinguishing hairline...yeah he needs to keep his hat on, and anyway he had that puka shell necklace on too. So I got some video of him back there. The whole time I was wondering if it was him or not but I knew it was. So we went back and got Chrissy and Angela and walked back to the CMT area where we hung out til the doors opened. but on the way to the CMT thing I showed Angela Kenny and she's all "that's not him he looks OLD and BROWN MAN!" haha so I started laughing and said yeah it is him I told you he looks old without his hat on! So Angela goes "lets yell" I didn't think she was serious but we did it, we yelled "KENNY" when he had stood up and the two guys with him looked first and then he looked and they all waved to us, which was awesome I was so giddy about that for the longest time and I was pissing off my sister lol. Oh and Kenny made himself a bit to brown okay lol he looked weird I don't know what it was, probably the fact that his nose was browner then the rest of his face but man he needs to quit tanning or he's gonna ruin his skin, I swear his face looked like he used tanning cream. Ok now I'm just being mean lol! But it's true!!

Once we got inside I went to the merchandise and bought the shirt I wanted (it's grey with reddish orange sleeves) and I also got the tour cities shirt (which I just noticed San Diego isn't even included on), and I had to get the 2 pictures of him of course!

Anyway, the concert! It was GREAT of course! But I'm kinda bummed cuz I emailed this girl asking her what new songs he sang and she said Young, Live Those Songs, The Good Stuff and No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problems (those were the obvious ones) but then she said he also sang I Remember and Dreams. So I was looking forward to him doing Dreams because he wrote that song but he didn't sing either of those songs he sang Big Star instead, I guess he thought it fit more with Southern California. Whatever, sounds kinda stereotypical if you ask me, but oh well it was cool cuz during Big Star (which is about a female singer) the video screen showed a bunch of famous female singers, starting with Faith of course lol! He even showed Britney Spears (a few times, including the vid of her soaking wet at her concert lol), Christina Aguilera and Gwen Stefani.
Anyway Phil Vassar was first and man did he shock me, when I think Phil Vassar I think an older guy singing from his piano, man he was running around the stage and he looked hot too! LOL! He was jumping on the speakers and the piano and everything, in San Diego he even spun around on his stomach on top of the piano lol! It was so funny! Jamie O'Neal was cool too. Montgomery Gentry were crazy but cool LOL! Which is totally what I'd expect from them. They sang this new song "Scarecrow" and it was so funny cuz Gentry would sing "scarecrow" and Montgomery's be behind him moving all funky like a scarecrow it was hilarious. And then they had a song where they had the crowd sing "Hell Yeah, Turn It up, Sounds Good" It was so funny!
So then Kenny was starting and you hear a bunch of music, mainly Kid Rock's "Cowboy", which reminded me of the strange fact that they are friends lol Anyway he started with Young, of course. Then it was Don't Happen Twice, She Got It All, and Fall In Love. Then was Big Star, What I Need To Do and No Shoes, No Shirt No Problems. Then he sang the first verse and chorus of That's Why I'm Here and transitioned to the end of Me and You. Then he sang Back Where I Come From which is always a big hit. Then his new single The Good Stuff. This is where it changes though, in San Diego this is where he sang his remake of the ZZTop song "Tush" which was awesome but in LA this is where all of a sudden the band was gone and there was a stool in front of Kenny's mic and he got a guitar, sat down and talked about how when he first started it was just him with his guitar, a stool, and a tip cup so he wanted to play a little for us like that, that's where he sang Dave Loggins' "Please come to Boston", which was GREAT! This is why I was so glad we went to LA OMG words can't describe how good it was. He's SO talented! Anyway then the band ran back onstage and he sang Live Those Songs and I Lost It. Then he asked how many Southern California country girls there were in the audience and broke into Conway Twitty's "I'd Love To Lay Ya Down" which is ALWAYS a huge hit, he always performs that song, even when I saw him last year opening for Tim. And I LOVE when he does that song! Then he thanked Conway and started singing How Forever Feels which is where the big orange balls came out. I don't think I was paying any attention to Kenny in San Diego during this song cuz there was always a ball over me I was trying to get but I never could lol! The balls are slippery, you touch one and it flys back up lol! In LA the balls pretty much stayed on the left side of the venue cuz the wind was blowing them over there I guess lol. Anyway during that song he sings "Now I know how Jimmy Buffet feels" so in the song he broke into Buffet's Margaritaville. That was where the "fake ending" was at lol. He wasn't even gone long. He came back with She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy. This is where in San Diego we followed the crowd and moved to in front of the stage. In LA we were to far back. So Anyway we are all squished around the stage and at this point and he starts singing Georgia Satellites' "Keep Your Hands To Yourself" so he sings "she said don't give no lies" and the crowd roars "and keep your hands to yourself" right and then I feel someone wipe their hand down my back. I'm like YUCK what the heck but I could care less. lol! So then he breaks into John Cougar Mellencamp's Jack and Diane. After that, and this is what I love about country artists. He went down the stage signing autographs, so here's the interesting part lol I'm reaching as far as I can with my CD cover right but it's not close enough so I'm watching him go down the row and I see him grab what looks like Angela's hat (I had lost Angela at this point) and I see him give it back and it was Angela's hat lol! So we're laughign and I'm all "help me" so Angela holds my Cd cover out but to many people were still around so she hands it back and I'm walking down the stage trying to get in somewhere and finally a bunch of people get out of the way and just when I think he's gonna keep going he looks and grabs my Cd cover, I was in shock, it was so awesome lol! Then he like looked at me, I think he was looking at my dolphin necklace, and then he handed it back to me, I swear that all happened in slow motion lol. But it was so awesome!!! LOL! So we went back to our seats and watched him sign everyone else's things and then say goodbye. Angela got a random big orange ball that was just sitting around and we had an interesting time getting it into the car lol! It had to be the passenger and Chrissy, Maria and Angela all smashed in the back seat LOL!

But yeah the concert was great! The drive home from LA was hell but hey we had fun! I'm just bummed I didn't get to meet him but hey I got his autograph!

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