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So we went to Incahoots again LOL! Well I heard those girls in my Art For Teachers class say they were going to Incahoots last night so I wanted to go too! LOL!

So it's wednesday night and I'm in my advertising media class on AIM waiting for Maria to get ready and then I left and met her over there.

So we walk in and it takes me like FOREVER to go up to the bar and ask for a drink lol I didn't know what to ask for so again I said the "do you have something watermeloney" and the bar tender goes "well I can give you a shot of watermelon pucker, or a drink with watermelon pucker or (something else I forget)" So I'm standing there like I don't know LOL! So he puts watermelon pucker, coke and something else from a spray thing into the glass, it was so good!

Anyway so we walk around and end up next to the DJ Booth. Maria goes to the dance floor when she hears a song she knows the dance to and I'm left holding my empty glass and her almost full one. And some guy says "looks like you need another drink" and I just smile at him like yeah whatever LOL! Oh I know I'm SO nice LoL!

So this other guy comes up to me and asks me if I like some kind of drink I can't remember what it was called and I said no thanks and he's all "oh cuz I got one for my friend and I can't find him" so then we start talking and I said how I don't dance and he's all saying how you shouldn't care how you look just do it lol! then Maria came back and we were all talking for awhile, then his friend came and he went to talking to him.

So then Maria and I sat at the now cleared out table near us. This guy, Kevin, came back and asked if we wanted a drink and I said sure whatever and he said "so I should go up to the bartender and say just give me whatever" and I said yeah why not? LOL! He came back with a coconut rum and coke. Then he said "well have a goodnight" and left. So then we saw him dancing with some stringbean chick lol! I was like yeah okay you can dance with that funky girl and then we saw him get rejected by some pretty blond LOL!

Anyway so he came back to us when he was drunk and was babbling on and on about who the hell knows what. I mean I was so lost okay lol! I kept saying "you totally lost me" and he'd start over and I still had no idea LOL! I told him he was babbling and then he started talking about Babbling Billy, I have no idea. LOL! It was hilarious though. I mean he understood what I said because I asked how old he was and he said 27 and I asked why he was here because he said he lives in Jacksonville, Florida and he's all "I'm here for the convention I told you" and I'm like yeah ok I don't think you did but maybe you were babbling about it. I asked what he did there and he said "Search and Rescue". Anyway in the midst of the conversation he told me I had a pretty smile and I'm all "it took you til you were drunk to tell me I had a nice smile?" And he just smiled, ok dude. It was hilarious though man by the end of the night he was swaying, he was holding onto our table for support. I pushed him and he nearly fell on his ass LOL but then he's all here push e again and he stood all solid on the ground, I was just laughing and then his friend looked at him and pushed him, it was so funny. At the end of the night (this was the first time we stayed til closing) I was like they're closing so we've gotta go and he was totally out of it man. I started walking away and he just looked at me. I'm all "your boy are leavin" and he's all how do you know do you know them? And I'm all it's closing time! But he totally didn't comprehend it was hilarious though so then we just left. But dude Kevin from Jacksonville thanks for a hilarious night lol!

Oh and also that night some dude came walking by and grabbed my arm to go dance, like without even asking and well I'm pretty strong so I held my ground and I'm all "no I don't know the dance" and he's all "neither do I who cares" and this was one funky dude so I'm all no and finally he left me alone, that dude was kinda creepy. Oh and some old dude that was with Kevin, like the sargent in charge or whatever lol, made me dance with him but it was to Kenny so I'm like fine lol! It was the two step and I prooved I can't dance cuz he's all you need to relax you're all stiff. But I couldn't do anything else I don't know what's wrong with me lol!

But anyway it was a pretty funny night! And hey Maria I finally got onto the dance floor.

Oh and I forgot near the end of the night one of the girls from my class said hi and asked if I wanted the beer some dude gave her so I took it and Kevin came back and was talking to me and I was drinking some of it and afterwards he took my beer, it was okay cuz I'm not all that fond of beer in the first place but I thought it was funny. He ended up with my beer. How funky! LOL!

I think that's it lol!

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