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Why? LOL!

Ok I feel it's time to ask this question. You see I wanted to get enough proof before I made this broad generalization but I think I have enough examples now to ask okay with the risk of sounding kinda funky....

Why Do Black Guys Like Redheads??

Ok here's the proof....well I'm a redhead and more black guys talk to me then white guys okay, I'm's a list of them....
• Angela, Maria and I are going to Albertsons, we're crossing the street and hear "thong tha thong thong thong", I turn around and see some guy looking at me, huge grin on his face. (BTW that's back when Sisqo's song was popular)
• We're all at Club Sea World and some little 16 year old dude asks me to dance, I'm all 'uh dude I'm like 21' but I just politely said no :) lol
• I'm driving home from work and I hear "I like those sunglasses, I bet they're the expensive ones" I reply "no they were $10 lol" and he says "they're a good color for a redhead like you" I said "thank you" the light turns green and away we went lol! That's when I had my orange sunglasses before they broke.
• I'm driving down the 15 and some guy in a big white van is saying something to me but I couldn't understand it, he said it like 3 times before I dorve away from him but I still have no idea what he said lol!
• Angela and I go to Club Michael's on Valentine's Day, we're tired of dancing so we sit in these chairs near where these guys are playing pool, when an overweight guy comes and dances my face. Laughter ensues lol.
• Angela, Ashley and I are at Fashion Valley at Hot Dog On A Stick because Ashley wanted to eat there, I turn to see a man in the corner asking for a fresh corn dog...I turn back to Angela and out of the corner of my eye I see him look me up and down, and no I wasn't seeing things because just after it happened Angela's mouth dropped open like Oh My Gosh.
• After the San Diego Kenny Chesney concert we've got the big orange ball in the passenger seat and Angela, Maria and Chrissy smashed in the back. I've got my window open. One guy passes and says "hey", of course I'm all giddy so I say hey all funky like back lol. Then not even 5 minutes later another guy passes by and says "hey girl" and I say "hey baby" back lol! I don't know what I woulda done if either of them came back and started talking to me lol!
• Maria and I are at Starbucks downtown when I guy comes in, looks at me and kinda laughs, I was like okay what was that all about. Then as he's leaving he's all "can I give you a ride anywhere?" *he was one of those guys that ride those bikes around downtown with the seat in the back taking people places* I said "no" and he's all "I'd pay you to give you a ride huh" I was just sitting there like okay whatever and then he laughed and walked out, that's when I said to Maria "I'M TOTALLY ADDING THAT TO THE LIST!" LOL!
**ok there are more but Angela called and we are going out for ice cream...see ya!**

I even asked my mom this question and she said she doesn't know why and I said "but it's true right? I mean I'm not just noticing it more right?" and she said yeah it's true. She's a redhead too. Of course she never dated a black guy because her father would have killed her.

Now I'm not saying I have a problem with it or anything I just came to a conclusion and was wondering why? So someone PLEASE help me out and answer me why!
I guess I should be happy huh? It's either black guys or nasty old men. LOL!

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