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There's so much stuff I could be doing....

....yet none of it interests me at the moment. I mean I could be writing my paper for Jazz class. I could be writing my "Modern Day Bonnie and Clyde" story. I could be writing my "Like It Or Not" story. I was listening to my Jazz CD for class but I wasn't paying attention to the name of the song and everything and I'd rather listen to music with words. I could be reading my Jazz book. I could go to the mall and see if I can get my new phone and change my plan. I could go to the movies by myself *but who wants to do that*. So here I am writing in this thing again lol! But I do have some interesting things to write, Hopefully I'll remember them this time.

Ok so remember that guy I saw the other day that smiled at me and I just turned away and giggled or whatever. Well when I saw him I thought he looked like this guy that was in my Advertising Media class, Eric. So last night I had a very strange dream. There's like 2 parts, I don't remember if I woke up between them or if they ran together but here's how it goes:
Ok I'm at Angela's house and a bunch of people are there, everyone's watching the TVs, there were like 8 different TVs each with a different movie on, I had a feeling we had to watch a movie for class, so each person had picked whatever movie they wanted and started watching it, I remember seeing Charlie's Angels as one of them *which was probably there because I watched in on HBO last night*, I don't remember which movie I started watching.
Ok so then I go into a classroom and think "oh shoot I'm so behind, I missed the last class" and there were people that had done a lot of work. Angela was in there and she had a pile of (ok this is hard to explain) dolphins, they were like blown up clear plastic with circles drawn around them *I have no idea lol*. Then I looked at all the different supplies and there was some sand like colorful stuff and other things.
Ok then all of a sudden I'm getting out of my car and walking with that Eric guy and we're walking side by side and I've got my arm around his waist and he's doing the same and he keeps saying "tell me, tell me what you want" and stuff like that I don't remember exactly what he was saying, so all of a sudden I turn and whisper in his ear "I want it, (then I paused cuz I was thinking okay that sounds like sex and that's not what I meant and then I said) I want..."and then my telephone rang and I woke up LOL! OMG OKAY! LOL! I think I went back to sleep after my phone rang and I dreamed something but I can't remember it anymore now.

Moving on

I met Vanessa after class on wednesday and gave her her zip disks and CD, it was so funny cuz I forgot them in my car and when she got there her car was packed full of a microwave and pillows and things so I'm all "you know what I forgot them in the car, should I meet you over there" and she said "well you can squish in the back, if that's okay" so I said sure and she smashed all the pillows over so I could fit in LOL! Then she said she wanted to keep in touch, like find out where I'm working and stuff and I said the same so we said we'd call eachother. Hopefully that will happen, but you never know lol!

Maria still hasen't developed her Kenny pictures! :P

I still wanna go on vacation somewhere! Everyone sucks man! Everyone's going somewhere without me! LOL! And then they are spending money on that so they wont come with me anywhere! But it's okay cuz Alicia is moving to Vegas so I can vacation in Vegas in August.

I wanna try that new Vanilla Coke, I'm not a big Coke fan, I like Pepsi better but I wanna try it.

The Del Mar....oh excuse me the San Diego County Fair started today. I wanna go to see a bunch of artists that are performing there but I doubt I'm gonna go at all, that always happens LOL!

I got Eminem's CD yesterday, but don't tell my dad LOL! Last night at dinner it was as if he knew, out of nowhere he said something about Eminem, I don't remember exactly what it was, but I said "what's wrong with Eminem" and he said "besides his profanity I guess nothing", my parents don't think anyone needs to use those words, there's always something better. But I don't know, I just wanted an 'I'm pissed off so leave me alone' CD :)

BTW speaking of Dad's, Happy Father's Day to all the dads....hmm who do I know that's a dad besides my dad?.....Brian....people at work.....dats about it LOL! Oh and Joey Fatone! LOL!


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Jun. 15th, 2002 11:55 pm (UTC)
yes Joey's a dad we can't forget him at all. I hear that he's going to try to pursue his acting during the year off that they are taking. and hopefully Lance will be able to go up in Space when the shuttle launches Oct. 22nd. I think that would be amazing...a chance of a lifetime to play up there in the stars. Something he's dreamed of for a long time. :)

*lol* you have some of the weirdest dreams, girl. you should hear about some of mine, that is when I can remember them. I have this thing called selective memory and sometimes it's for shit and sometimes it's not. I think it likes to have a mind of it's own sometimes.

vacation...ugghhh I don't even want to hear that word cuz I'm not getting to go anywhere. maybe next summer, but not this one. I just don't have the money to do it, I just started my new job not more than a month ago and so I've been saving up for a few different things.

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