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So I got my phone last thursday. It's the Nokia 3395. How hoey, they made me get it and the Motorola V60 that I wanted was $309 so I said "umm, no thank you" lol but they made me sign up for a new plan when all I wanted to do was switch this one to my name, but oh well whatever I did it it's done and there's nothing I can do about it now you know? Oh and today I signed up for the 100 messages for $3.99 cuz I've already sent and recieved like 60 messages which is $6.00, OUCH! But I'm thinking of changing it to the 250 messages for $5.99 but we'll see, my last bill had 150 messages on it.

It's freaking hot in here man! And no I'm not singing that new Nelly song, I'm serious lol!

Ok I wanna go to Orlando but I wanna go to Germany man I haven't been there in what 6 or 7 years!

Ok my dad is yelling and I have no idea what about lol!

You know what I bet I'm gonna end up with some short 30 - 35 year old cuz I mean look at the celebrities I like right now....Kenny Chesney, he's short and 34, and Darren Hayes I'm not sure how tall he is but he's like 30. And Jimmy who askd me out he was 30 and Babbling Billy that drunk dude that one night lol he was 27, close enough, and short. And Maria even said it seems like short guys are really nice lol! Whatever I know I'm weird.

Well I've gotta get ready, I'm goin ta Dizzy's tonight with my sister, it's double extra credit woohoo and after the 68% I got on mondays exam I need it! How could I get a 68% after getting an 84% and an 80%, bad Annaliese, slacking off near the end LOL! It's over next wednesday too! Dang it went by fast.

Ok I'm talking about myself in the third person a lot lately, what a wierdo.

OMG HeMan is so ugly! My mom said HeMan was like my favorite cartoon and one day she asked me what I was doing and I said "I'm playing with my pretend HeMan" LOL! Uhhh....OKAY! LOL! So yeah the HeMan theme is my ringtone now lol!

Awe yeah my paper is done, it's not good but it's done. I mean the teacher said to write whatever you want about a Dizzy's performance so I did LOL!.

Ok my computer is acting like a piece of SNNNNNNNIT! I can't even open internet explorer without it crashing, I'm in Netscape right now, whatever, everything is acting hoey around me lol!

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