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I know I'm beautiful LOL!

ok so I'm a bit conceited today LOL!

Ok so I'm walking from the parking structure past the frat houses and some apartment buildings and there's 2 guys sitting on some steps that I'm gonna pass by, right? Ok so I'm like oh great, but I'm walking and just after I pass them I heard one of the say "Hi!" all friendly-like LOL But I was running late to class so I didn't do anything I just kept going LOL! Yeah I coulda turned around and said hey back, I coulda stopped and smiled or something but hey if he wanted to say hi bad enough he coulda run after me LOL! Anyway so yeah I was all happy though LOL! I know it's the little things LOL! I guess I should add I was playing with my hair as I passed them, I don't know what's up with that but ever since I saw Charlie's Angels I'm wondering if the hair flip thing actually works LOL! Cuz my sister said it does. She said when I passed that one guy that smile to me on the way to Subway a couple weeks ago I shoulda flipped my hair. even though that sounds SO bimboish!

Speaking of hair okay I cut my hair like 3 months ago and it's grown like 3 inches and my hair never grew that fast before! Not that I'm complaining LOL! Like I always say if you've got red hair it's gotta be long ok! LOL!

Well I've gotta get to the optometrist! Man I need to get that laser surgery, contacts suck lol but hey they are better then glasses lol...on me. Then again on guys, yeah glasses are good, like on Chris and JC when they were hosting summer music mania, okay I think their glasses made them look better! And I'm still mad that JC was at the Tony Lucca show Maria and I went to and we didn't see him, man he coulda looked over and I coulda flipped my hair and who knows what woulda happened then LOL! Ok I'm just playin! LOL! Hopefully you all know that LOL!

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