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Ok so I was talking to my mother about something the other day and she seems to think I glare at guys, to keep them away from me. OKAY?! What the heck why would I glare at them and how would she know if I did? I was just standing there like "what?! Give me an example" And then she told me about the time I told her I looked in my car window at my reflection and I said I looked like a total bitch LOL! But it's cuz I had these mirrored sunglasses on and I was tired so I wasn't smiling, it's not like I looked like that all the time. And then she told me I use to dress like crap. And I'm all "when? like in high school?" and she's all "yeah and most of college" WHAT THE HECK!!! Why wasn't I told all this earlier! LOL!

Ok so I've been thinking about that ever since she said it and while I KNOW I don't GLARE at guys, I also I noticed that if you aren't totally comfortable somewhere no guys will approach you. Like okay when my friends drag me to clubs, ok so I want to go sometimes but then, when I get there the whole time I'm like ok please do not come up to me but thats because yuck man who wants a "club guy". But I was thinking about it and guys came up to us at Incahoots when we were just sitting there laughing or whatever and I'm wondering if we weren't approached last time cuz I was acting all stupid, ok well I wont get into it but I wasn't glaring LOL! So I told Maria next time we go I'm gonna look around and pick a guy, if I can find a good one lol! (since yes another problem of mine is that I'm a bit picky) and I'll see what I can do to get him to scome over. Because I was thinking about that Kevin aka Babbling Billy night and before he even had come over I said something about him to Maria.

Ok I can't believe I just wrote all I said the other day this looks like the journal of a 16 year old LOL!

Oh yeah and another thing I was thinking about is hey maybe it's a good thing that we haven't had boyfriends yet cuz hey we haven't had to go through break-ups with boyfriends yet. Think about that! LOL! I am a total dork LOL! I know, I know.

Ok I need to get ready for work, I wanted to go in early since I didn't have class today but that's not gonna happen LOL! Plus there's probably still not anything for me to do. Work is boring when there is nothing to do, it's not fun when there is stuff to do but it's boring when there is nothing to do. Oh and speaking of work I walked in to the print shop yesterday and Marty's all "Hey Ace" What the heck?! I was like what the heck did I hear right?, that dude is weird I tell you. I mean that's not bad but he is WEIRD besides he actually wore one of those shirts that says "you're just jealous because the voices in my head speak to me" UH OKAY! I mean those shirts are funny yeah but I've never seen anyone wear one and I wouldn't be surprised if it was true with him. He is totally random and just comes up to me and asks me weird things out of the blue. Whatever I need to get ready like I said LOL!

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