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So I went to see Men In Black 2 with my mom and sis, it was good but not better then the first one.

Then we had our own little barbeque and my dad and I went to the store to get hamburger buns and potato salad, so right when we are walking out my mom calls and tells us to get a tomato so I waited outside an dad went back in to get a tomato. So I'm sitting there and some funky old man was staring at me for like 5 minutes. Whatever. When I got home my dad put the car in to far and asked if I could get thru and I said "yeah I can get thru, I'm skinny" and he laughed and said "you're skinny?" yeah thanks dad. So when I got inside I told my sis "well I guess if I'm not skinny I'm fat then" and then my sis said "just cuz you're not skinny doesn't mean you're fat" so I'm like "fine whatever I'm average". And my dad's all "yeah old men don't look at skinny girls" and I said "what? they DON'T look at skinny girls?" and my sis said "no they look at girls with big boobs" so that's when I burst in "well I haven't got big boobs either so I don't know what point you guys are getting at!" LOL! Yes my family is weird.

We're going to the San Diego Count...oh forget it...the DEL MAR FAIR tomorrow, early. Hey if this was last year it would have ended today. But man I wanted to go on sunday and see the flying Elvi LOL!

Free text messaging today! And man I keep thinking today is saturday, talk about annoying.

Ok I really need to clean my room and I still don't know what I'm doing about fireworks. Or my birthday for that matter.

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