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Anything and everything

I'm bored (and no one I know is online) so I'm just surfing the internet and looking around at livejournals and things.

Ok this is just wrong ok....God has a livejournal?! WTH?! It's at god_dot_com. All I have to say is oooooooooKAY, whatever. And he's also a member of ljsingles whatever.

I have so many windows open on my desktop right now I wouldn't be surprised if it all went nuts and shut down.
So I'm gonna post this and then edit it with more stuff later.

So anyway

I went to the Del Mar Fair today! It was cool, I love going so close to my birthday cuz my mom bought me an amber ring and an amber cross necklace for my birthday YEAY! :) But I get to have them now, she said she'll steal them the morning of my birthday LOL! But yeah I like going to the fair to see the amnyimals (yes I meant to spell it like that) and the photography and graphic design section. It was cool! I don't really care about going on the rides, if I wanted rides I'd go to Magic Mountain or Disneyland. And I can never win any of those dumb games so I don't even try especially after that year I went to the fair with Angela and one of the gross Carnie's there in charge of a game said "ok is you get this one you win ME!" YUCK man I put the ball back down and walked away as fast as possible.

I got all the cell phone stuff I ordered today. Now my phone is see thru orange with green keys :). But I want to find something better at a kiosk in the mall. This was super cheap though that's why I got it.

So for fireworks yesterday I went over to Maria's and we walked down to the park next to where I use to live, it has totally changed. They dug up the park I remember and moved all the swings and stuff higher up. Oh well, change is inevitable. Plus it was looking totally ghetto over there and the swings and slide and stuff that was there before were all rusty and tagged on. What's cool is we got back to her house in time to see Britney's performance on the Macy's fireworks show :)!

Well i'm gonna go back to reading the ljsingles board, it's interesting and kinda funny lol!

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