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OMG Airhead

Ok I can't believe I forgot to write that I won Marc Anthony tickets LOL!

I met Maria at Target after work since she called to tell me that the Kenny and Tim Country Weekly is already out. So afterwards I was driving home and I heard that stupid noise, whatever it is. And so I called, not even knowing if that was the right noise. So I heard "you're caller four" and then they hung up so I tried again and I heard "hello?" so I said "hi" and then they told me I was caller 8 so I called back and somehow I got to be caller 9 too, don't ask me how! So I asked if they had a winner yet and they asked my name and all that and we went thru the stupid vault or whatever and it was going to be either Marc Anthony or Alicia Keys tickets. so Cha Cha, the DJ, says you've won Marc Anthony tickets!!! so I said "are you sure they aren't Alicia Keys tickets?" and she said "no" so I said "oh" and she said she was gonna gfet another winner if I don't sound excited so I said "wait wait ok ok" so she did the intro again and I said "OMG COOL THANKS!" and then she finished off everything and I gave them my info, the chick said it'll take 24 hours to go thru or whatever, but the concert isn't until August 2nd so I have awhile to get them.

Ok so I don't really care for Marc Anthony but TONY LUCCA is opening for him YEAY!! I LOVE him so I'm so happy about the tickets but I don't know about staying for Marc...but it is kinda weird to leave after the opening act hahaha. Might as well go just to see what it's like.

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