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In Cahoots "Go Go Stomp"

Awe yeah I just ordered my $186 (well with tax $199.03) of clothing from =)
Here's what I got--
•LOW-RIDER CHINO FLARES 35" INSEAM available dark gray $32
•SPLIT V BELL SLEEVE TEE backordered burgundy $10
•BUTTERFLY BELT backordered brown $12
•BELL SLEEVE BUTTON-UP SHIRT available light yellow $24
•PEASANT TEE available khaki $10
•SKINNY JOHNNY COLLAR TEE available orange $10
•30" FRAYED WAIST JEANS 36" INSEAM backordered $34
•EYORE™ FITTED TEE backordered black $18
dark blue denim $36

Ok I'm officially changing my favorite Tony Lucca song to "Bottle of Rain", just so ya know lol.

So I've noticed that the people in my friends list actually do look at my journal entries because yesterday I did 3 quizes and this morning when I looked at my "friends" entries there were two people who had 2 of the same quizes I had just done LOL! So you guys are out there! LOL!

Ok so Maria and I went to In Cahoots (there I'll spell it right ok lol) to learn the dance and even though we got there after the lesson was half over we still got it LOL! It was so fun!! It's called the Go Go Stomp and it goes with Tim McGraw's "Where the Green Grass Grows" and JoDee Messina's "Lesson in Leavin'". So that's cool as opposed to the Swamp Thang we learned that we can't find any songs to LOL!

After we learned the dance we went outside and were practising and talking and then this waitress that's worked there for awhile said "Don't mind me, I'm hungry" and sat down and ate some french fries and potato salad lol! After she left we were out there and I was saying I was hungry and how I didn't want to eat the funky food there and Maria's man came out and said the food there isn't bad. Then I said how I think eating at a bar is weird and he kidna rolled his eyes I think LOL! I don't think he likes me hahaha but that's fine because he's MARIA's MAN HE'S YOUR MAN! LOL!

Anyway so when we were outside we heard Tim McGraw's "Where the Green Grass Grows" and Maria's all "Hey the dance we did goes with this too." But I thought it was a two step dance so we went in and everyone was doing it so we went to the back of the floor (and Maria walked right to be in front of her man lol) and then we noticed we got in the way of one couple that was two-stepping but it didn't matter lol! Then we went over to look at the merchandise that they have there lol (there's a belt buckle and a hat sticker and pin). Then some guy came over and I swear he asked if I knew how to dance so I said no but then I added "I don't know how" just in case because why would he ask if I knew how to dance I think he asked if I wanted to dance. Anyway so then he just did some "whatever" type shrug and left LOL! I'm an idiot lol! He was tall and cute too and probably actually my age, later some weired older guy asked me but I said no to him too.

Anyway by then I was starving so Maria and I got our hands stamped and went to Terrific Pacific, where Vanessa works but I didn't see her there. Oh and it's not Terrific Pacific anymore it's Tony's. After dinner we walked down the boardwalk and lots of interesting people said hello to us and some bratty little boys pretended to sneeze on us and then on the way back they're all 'hey I remember you, do you like spiderman?' and I said no and they said 'well you suck then'. So I said Whatever lol! I DONT WANT BOYS PLEASE! LOL! I know I always say redhaired guys look funky and that I don't wanna have boys so obviously the first one I have is gonna be a red haired boy lol. NO! Anyway back to reality...

After that we went downtown to Starbucks since it was almost 1am and no other Starbucks would be open. So I got a Vanilla Creme Frap and man it was so good! Then I got home around 2:15 and my dad wasn't home because he had to go into work because some stupid ass boy got bit by a skunk because he trapped it and was playing with it. So they had to kill the skunk and see if it had rabies. Poor skunk, it didn't even do anything wrong and had to be killed because of a stupid ass kid! Anyway supposedly he got home at around 3 but he had to go back in at 7 since he's on call this week, he has to work the weekend too and he's not back yet. Oh and the skunk didn't even have rabies so it died for nothing :(. Anyway that has nothing to do with what happened last night so I don't know why I got into it lol.

Anyway I hope I can remember both dances now and not get them confused. I was gonna type it out but it's kinda long then lol!

Ok if this post has typos it's because for some weird ass reason I'm typing faster then it's registering on my screen so it's missing letters but I think I've fixed it.

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