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American Idol

Well I was going to write...well I'm still trying to vote for Kelly...but I just tried again and I got thru, no sweat...when earlier I was redialing and redialing getting busy signals all the time. Anyway I thought Kelly's performace was, by far, the best, she's awesome!

I still can't believe I somehow got sucked into watching this show, I didn't watch it from the beginning, I waited until now when only the real talent is left. I loved Christina's shirt, but everyone knows I'm a sucker for shirts with those kind of sleeves! :) I just can't find them anywhere in stores. I thought Justin did good, I don't know what was up with them saying it wasn't as good as usual. Anyway my sis and I think AJ (most likely) or Ryan is going to be dropped tomorrow since they're only dropping one right?

Anyway I tried burning a copy of the Toby Keith CD for my friend but it didn't work :/, I don't know what's up with that. Oh and I watched the extra thing on the Crossroads DVD, then I started watching the movie with random comments from Britney. That movie is so cute I don't care what anyone else says. Even if you don't like Britney I don't see how you could hate the movie. And, well the dancing in her underwear part was kinda funky but common who can say they've never done that? LOL! ok ok TMI LOL!
Anyway back to the Toby Keith CD...I love "Good To Go To Mexico"! =) But the whole CD is great...well in my opinion :). Oh and I love Huckleberry too! It's weird but sweet and cute! Man Toby was right in his Total Release...to have a successful love song just say what no man would ever actually say to a woman.

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