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Random Ramblings...

I got the John Mayer CD :)! Chrissy is mad at me lol! Too bad.

Anyway I'm gonna join the san diego lj community I think (I don't know why I'm not in it already) cuz I wanna see if I can somehow find Erica, so I'm gonna ask if anyone went to El Cajon High School, I'm almost positive she went there. I can't believe we just completely lost touch after we graduated from 8th grade. I wanna know what's up with her. And MARIA is all making me wanna find people now! LOL!

So I got some of my alloy stuff today and everything is to small...ok last time I ordered stuff it was all to big and now it's to small WTH?! So I called and changed everything that hasn't shipped yet to a bigger size, hopefully everything else will fit now.

Oh I don't think I said yet that I got my Kenny Chesney fan club stuff finally!...2 months and 3 weeks later. They gave me a picture I bought at his concert so I gave the one I bought to my sister. I'm so nice I know! LOL!

Ok California Adventure is kid's price for adults living in So. Cali so now I wanna go and check it out. I mean I've heard it sucks and all if you live in Cali why would you want to learn about it but I just wanna go once at least to see for myself you know? Then I can come back knowing it sucks lol! Plus Angela's in Disney World so we should go to California Adventure! LOL! I asked Maria and she's gonna check her funds and I told her we could bring her little brother since he's 7 he'll get in for free and I've never been to a theme park with a little kid lol. I asked my sis but she doesn't wanna go.
If Brian was online I could ask him how crowded Disneyland was last weekend. Angela said Disney World had really long lines for the rides and that they seemed different, she said Disneyland is better, so that's cool WEST SIDE REPRESENT LOL!
Then Jewel's concert on sunday, I hope if we go to CA Adventure that I don't get fried and then am all red and horrible for Jewel's concert.

I'd just like to announce how much I hate pop up windows.

OMG I had the freakiest dream last night and I can't remember most of it all I know is my grandma went all nuts and she was being a bitch man. I mean she always is one to my mom (this is my dad's mother) and us even sometimes but not like she was in my dream. OMG and at the end she like pinched my stomach and it hurt like hell! That's when I woke up all in shock.

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