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Ok so Jewel totally rocked last night and we had the most awesome seats! I still need to take my photos to the lab.

The Soul City Cafe performers were totally breaking my eardrums man! But the last guy, Scooter Scudieri, with his guitar was awesome!

Jewel came on at about 9 and sang I Won't Walk Away, Standing Still, Do You Want To Play, Jesus Loves You, Hands, Till We Run Out Of Road, This Way, and What's Simple Is True. Then she got a guitar and played some for us without the band, singing Morning Song & Cold Song, then Steve Poltz came out and played and dueted with Jewel on I Thought I Saw You Last Night, and Jewel finished her solo set with the song they had written together You Were Meant For Me. Then the band came back and she performed Life Uncommon, Love Ain't For Lovers Anymore, Down So Long, Serve The Ego, Love Me Just Leave Me Alone, Everybody Needs Someone Sometime, New Wild West, and Who Will Save Your Soul. For the encore she came back singing Foolish Games and The Other Woman (which she said was a song she wished she had written).

It was awesome that Steve Poltz came out and they sang 'I Thought I Saw You Last Night'.
That reminds me I wanna look up Anya and see if she is doing any shows around here...awe man she's doing one tonight, then she's off to LA. And hey I'd go to LA to see her's the night of the Marc Anthony concert :( and I definately choose Tony Lucca over her.

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