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So I actually went to lunch with the other student workers today, it's was a bit strange.
We went to Baja Fresh. When we got in the car Ann told me that Daniel drives scary, safe but scary lol. I got a chicken quesadilla, it was pretty good. It was funny becuase there Daniel was all saying how healthy everything is there and stuff and then after we ate they brought out a chocolate chocolate pie from Marie Calendar's. Yeah very unhealthy lol.

No news from that dude yet, heh I prolly scared him away now, oh well, if he was gonna be all stupid like that.

I got my Butterfly belt today and the shirt with the bell sleeves :)! They're cool, now I just need to send back that other stuff I have that's to small, I better get it together and send it.

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    May the odds be ever in your favor!

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    I can't login to LJ with a mobile browser. I'm hoping posting thru the app will send me in signed in.

  • Importance

    It's funny to look back on what was important back when you were younger and what is important now.

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