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I need to move more then I ever have had to before.

Just got back from hangin with the frenz lol...we went to Pick Up Stix, but I didn't eat cuz I had Mac & Cheese at 4pm and wasn't huingry, but while my friends were eating a worker brought Maria and Angela fortune cookies on a plate and then handed me one too, how nice =). Then we went to D&B where Maria got the 'Gone' single from this stupid machine lol. It was cool tho, and fun, I got like over 900 tickets.

Is it weird that throughout my days I think 'hey I need to write this in my livejournal'? lol even tho I usually end up forgetting to write it.

My dad, sis and I might go check out Harrah's later today, they just opened it in North County...and the Maria still wants to go to the John Mayer concert =)

Ok I'm going to bed now

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