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I've spent $5 to "let my favorite maybe's play in my head"...okay if you haven't heard those commercials you probably think I'm insane.

Ewww I went to Barnes and Noble and evil boss still works there! I haven't seen her the past few times I've been there. They didn't have what I was looking for either, neither did stupid Borders. And El Cajon was freakin hot! And now I wanna go back and look for a different book lol!

I got the new People magazine with Britney on the cover. I like Britney, she seems sweet and nice, and the whole Brad Pitt's house thing is in there LOL! I still think that's hilarious. We'll be there on friday cuz my sis wants to see his house.

Stolen from geeky_goddess79 =)
A-Appetizer of Choice: cheese sticks, or Chicken & cheese pitas from Rainforest Cafe
B-Best Friend: Angela
C-Choice of Meat: Chicken
D-Dream Date: to actually go on one, lol <--i agree with her on this one lol
E-Exciting Adventure: to go to NY with friends
F-Favorite Food: mexican
G-Greatest Accomplishment: graduating from college...errr almost lol! I ONLY NEED 4 units, stupid summer school
H-Happiest Day of your life: wow, ummm...when Angela and I found out we had enough money to go to Hawaii for New Years 2000 maybe
I-Interesting Fact: Giraffes sleep only 5-30 minutes in a 24 hour period lol!
K-Kool-Aid: haven't had it in a LONG time
L-Lover: haven't had that either lol
M-Marriage: someday I hope...someday soon would be nice...not soon like tomorrow but soon like within 5 years?
N-Name: Annaliese
O-Obsession: nsync, kenny chesney
P-Pizza toppings: cheese & pepperoni
Q-Question Asked to you the most: recently it's been 'do you have a boyfriend?' by people that would never be boyfriend material for me lol
R-Radio Station: KSON 97.3
S-Sex: F
T-Television Show: Gilmore Girls, Dawson's Creek, Reba
U-Underwear: eeyore bikini briefs lol
V-Video: "My Town" Montgomery Gentry
W-Winter: what's that? lol
X-X-ray: never had one done
Y-Year born: 1979
Z-Zodiac sign: Cancer

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