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The day we spent TO LONG in the car...

This is going to be really long, so if you don't want to read the whole thing here's the short version--

We picked up my sis, went to Brad Pitt's house (and Danny Devito's since they are neighbors) then got lost and found roads that other addresses were at, we ending up finding Courtney Cox and Meg Ryan's houses and the entrance to Jack Nicholson's. Then we randomly drove around, found JC's house, met Patrice, and she led us to Britney's house. We looked for Justin's with no luck and then went to Tony's show, which was awesome. Got home around 2am and conked out...not even my house crumbling to the ground could have woken me.

So I woke up yesterday morning to the news on Star 100.7, Laura Cain was talking about how on the VMAs Britney had introduced Michael Jackson as HER artist of the Millenium (not "the") and he thought he was being presented with the artist of the Millenium award and thanked all these people. The trophy he got was suppose to be a birthday present because it was his birthday, it was a treble clef trophy with a friggin bow on it man! If it was a Millenium award or whatever it would have been like a gold moonman or something. Anyway so Michael is probably feeling pretty stupid right about now. Then Laura mentioned Lance and his press conference or whatever about his space flight and how he had set a record using the word amazing 41 times lol! Uh Lance...there's other words for amazing you know? lol!

So I dropped of my return at the post office and headed to Angela's there right on time too, even early. We had said we'd leave at 9:30 and I was there at 9:28. We got to Maria's house and waited for usual :-P (lol I'm just playin) so we left her house around 9:50 I believe it was and went to Albertson's for some snacks. After that we were on our way.

Once we got to Manchester I called Chrissy but she didn't answer. We stopped at Yoshinoya for lunch were I called her again and she still didn't answer. So I called my mom and asked for directions of how to get to where she her on campus apartment was. So she told me and we headed over there. While in the parkinglot we heard Chrissy yell to us from her window. So she came out and we went over to her apartment and dang it's huge!! They are student apartments so I was thinking 'almost dorm like', but they are huge man! So we looked around, played with her roommate's talking Stitch and then left around 1:15.

Wow the 405 north was GREAT!! It took us an hour to go about 5 miles! But it was funny because there was a truck full of guys, the guy in the back looked cute but the driver was looking over so I smiled and waved (he looked like some hick and had to be about 35?). So then Maria opened her window to get back at me for when I do that to her and everytime we passed I was like "omg what are you doing? put your window up I don't wanna talk to them". At one point they were all far bhind so they went up on the curb on the side and then cut some people off and were next to us again lol! I didn't care anymore so I smiled at them again and Maria said once as they drove by the guy said "you're cute" lol! The traffic was so fickle that after that we really didn't see them anymore lol That was interesting, at least he didn't make some obscene gesture to me like the first time we went to see Tony in LA. Anyway we found our exit and our way to Brad Pitt's house. They are having some work done there, the gate was open and some workers were around there. We woulda done the Britney and got out to look but the workers were there.

After that we started to follow the directions to Courtney Cox's house but decided to go down a different road instead because there were more cool houses that way and we could always go back. So we started driving down this road and ended up on a road that was in the directions so we turned (which ended up being the wrong way) and ended up on Mulholland where we saw the entrance to Jack Nicholson's house, it's up some private drive with 3 other houses. While driving around up there Maria and I swore we saw JC's house from a distance but when we drove back and looked again it had disappeared. While we were driving around we stopped for this skunk that was just slowly wandering across the street, it was so cute but after it got to the other side we were still watching it and people honked at me, I didn't even realize people were behind me lol! Then we went back down the street we came up after looking around up there a bit. That's when we found the street and Courtney Cox's house which was also having work done and workers were around there. Then we headed down and found Meg Ryan's house, there was a guy in the front with a baby and looked at us funny when we turned around a couple times lol!

At this point we still had a few more hours to look around so we headed up Doheny (this is a famous street for me lol it's the street that led us to Mel's for the first time and the street I nearly got into an accident on once). So we headed back up into the Hills and we started looking for Sandra Bullock, JC, Britney and Justin's houses (which we only had pictures of). We always made fun of JC's house for looking like a wherehouse in the front so we started passing all these houses and I'm all "this looks like a warehouse, warehouse, warehouse..." as we passed them and then I'm all OMG that house looks like a Taco Bell and everyone burst out in laughter. It was just being built too ok and it seriously looked like a Taco Bell. We later drove by again with the video camera on and all yelled Taco Bell LOL! So we continued on "warehouse, warehouse, warehouse..." Then we turned a corner and I yelled "omg you guys that's it!" I saw the black triangle thing JC had over his front door and sure enough there it was! There were some boxes (like Directway or something) out front too with the garbage...NO PEOPLE we did not go thru JC's garbage, even though I did comment on how we should have taken the box lol! Hey I coulda used it for uh...a table or something lol! I pulled into the driveway by JC's and got out and looked at the view to see if I could see Britney's house (since supposedly it's viewable from his) but I couldn't see it. Anyway so Sandy and JC are supose to be neighbors so we looked around but couldn't find her house. We went back down around the corner and got out to take pics of JC's house from the side on the edge of the hill and as we did someone pulled up behind us, we thought she lived at the house we were parked in front of (or the security that was driving around) so we got in and drove down a ways, she followed us, so I'm all 'what the hell?' so I pulled over again and she pulled over so we told her to go around us. Then she got out of her car and I rolled down my window and she asked us if we had found Justin's house yet lol! So we were talking (she said she found JC's house one day when she saw Tony Lucca driving in his truck -which says Tony Lucca on the back- and followed him because she knew that Tony, Dale and JC all live together. She also said one day they passed by and there was a FedEx box so her friend got out and was all excited when she saw it said "J. Chasez" on it, cuz that confirmed that it was his place lol) and she said she could show us where Britney's house was so we followed her back down and around and up a road that had said 'No Outlet' which is why I haden't gone up it earlier. We had passed by there not to long ago. Up Britney's driveway were 2 huge German Shepards, they were beautiful, but yeah I wasn't gonna go anywhere near them lol! So the girl got out again and talked a little more and she was going to be at the Tony show tonight too so as she left we yelled, "wait what's your name?" and she said "Patrice" and then said I'll probably see you guys at the Tony show anyways, bye! So we took some pics and then went in search of Justin's house but we didn't have any luck finding that.

Once we left the Hills we drove down Melrose, where while at a red light that had just turned green (like not even one second before) this b**ch honked all long and loud at me! I was like what the hell?! Common people, when someone isn't going you tap your horn you don't slam on it like there's no tomorrow, what the hell?! Anyway then went and found The Mint, next to it was a McDonalds so (yes I know you aren't suppose to do this but) we used their restroom and then left lol! We found a parking spot and waited til 7:45 to head over there. We got in and sat at our table. I SO wanted to order the Acid Trip drink lol but I was driving and it had Jagermeister in it so I decided against it lol! But damn the soda's were freakin $3 each!

....ok I'm gonna edit and finish this later because it's WAY to hot in here!
K I'm back LOL!

So my sis and I shared a small pepperoni pizza and chicken quesadilla's and Angela and Maria shared a huge Margarita pizza. We got our food halfway thru the first act...sorry dude I totally forgot your name. All I remember is he kept telling people to talk quieter....umm...okay.
So 9 o'clock came around, finally, and Tony (he's so cute with his glasses lol) was on stage =)! While he was getting ready we were all looking over to him and I saw him wave and I was like what the heck and I turned around and Angela and Chrissy had waved to him and he waved back lol. He was great! He started with Make It Alright, then he sang Qu'est-ca Que C'est, which is a pretty awesome song. He played a new song for us next, I'm not sure what it was called...maybeMisunderstood. He then explained Shotgun, and how he wrote it after being in NY after Sept. 11th, during that song when he was suppose to sing the second verse he started with the first again and when he noticed it he laughed and counted off to start that part again lol! Then he sang another new song, (Let This) Love Fly Free I'm guessing it's called. He sang Welcome to the Bay next and Chrissy whined about how that's one of the songs of his she needs lol. Then he announced it was "time to rock it, video cameras and all" and he sang In My Life Today and Rollercoaster. Then he sang Happily Ever After and dedicated it to this couple who's anniversary was that day, during that song some people held up lighters or the candles from the table, I held my lighter up too but I got in the way of Angela videotaping and she's all "HEY!" so I put mine down :(. He wrapped it up saying "Hollywood here's your song" and burst into Hollywood Chain Gang. After the show Chrissy said she wanted to go check out his CDs and said she didn't want to go alone...I'm all "Maria will go with you" and she did. They both came back with shirts and no CD because it was Simply Six still. Then they told me to go say hi to Vero so Chrissy and I went over to Tony so Chrissy could get an autograph, after he signed her shirt he looked at me and I'm all like uhhh... cuz I didn't have anything to sign I was just there with Chrissy so I asked him a question hehe "Do you ever sing Bottle of Rain?" and he said "yeah" and so I said "I've never heard you play it" so he said "I played it a lot when I wrote it and just haven't sang it lately" so I said "oh well, next time" and he's all "yeah next time" so I hope he remembers next time lol! Then we went over and I said to Vero "I'm suppose to say hi to you (lol)" so she said "what's your name?" and I said "Annaliese" and she's all "oh yeah I know you!" so I asked about the shirts and got one too, even tho they only have XL and they are huge lol! We went back to the table, paid the bill and went outside. Tony was outside too so Chrissy and Angela took a picture with them and after awhile Maria said hi to Jenny (a fellow LMU student) and Jen (the San Diego Tony Lucca Street Team LM). So we all talked to them for awhile. We saw Patrice again too and she waved at us and I asked "did you find it" since she was gonna look for Justin's house a bit longer but she just walked away lol I guess she didn't hear me. And Angela said she seemed a little tipsy, let's say lol.

So after all the excitement we got in the car and drove down La Cienaga looking for the 405, well we never found it but actually La Cienaga took us all the way back to Machester. All of a sudden we're all "wait where do I go now?" and Angela's all "hey there's the huge donut!" LOL! So we turned right and went into Chrissy's school thru the Lincoln entrance even though we coulda gone the other way because the gates were still open, oh well. So we went to Chrissy's apartment and 2 of her roommates were there talking with 2 of their guy friends and they offered us some cheesecake so we stayed for a little while. Around midnight I guess it was we left for home. Ugh...that drive sucks! LOL! My gas light went on before I even got to Angela's house so we dropped her off, since she was sleeping in the back, and got gas. After dropping Maria off I was driving down Jamacha and saw another skunk walking across the street, luckily it was almost to the other side so I didn't hit it cuz I was going to fast to stop. I got home around 2am, took out my contacts and went to bed! LOL!

But all in all it was a lot of fun...even though I think the crappy ass streets in the Hollywood hills f**ked up my brakes and tires :-/.

I hope I didn't leave anything out lol!

I watched the end of the Washinton/Michigan State game, it was actually interesting, and I don't really watch football that much. Man was Michigan State happy when that guy got the kick! LOL!
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