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So yesterday, at the meeting of the Babysitters club... oh wait there was a concert going on? I wish someone would have informed them.

So monday Ashley and I decided once and for all we were going to go to the Death Cab concert. The tickets weren't sold out so on tuesday after work we grabbed dinner at Fashion Valley and then headed over to the Embarcadero, except we didn't really know where it was so we went to their parking lot and took the shuttle over. Umm shouldn't that door be closed? We got there, got our tickets at the makeshift box office and got in line. A couple minutes later we were inside and near the front of the stage where we ended up staying all night.

Mates of State went on about an hour after we got there. I wasn't feelin their first two songs but the next 2 and on into the rest of their set was good. They even incorporated Gnarls Barkley's song "Crazy" into one of their songs.
Then was the waiting again, oh my favorite part, not to mention the fact that this is when people start getting closer to you.
Spoon went on and the babysitters club got behind us. Spoon was good but my ear drums were blown out when Death Cab joined them for their last song and one of the girls screamed bloody murder. Um okay can someone teach that girl that there is concert screaming and there is bloody murder screaming please? She continued to do it through the rest of the night, probably just to spite me because I started plugging my left ear. Then her friend was touching me for the rest of the night, um hello why are you touching me? I don't understand the people that don't care about touching people! Hello! I don't know you, don't touch me, we weren't even crammed in yet, there was space around us, why are you going out of your way to touch me? Okay I'm done ranting about that. And yes I understand it's a concert there's going to be touching but can't it wait until there's no space around?! At one point in the night I thought 'I wish I could sock them and not get thrown in jail'.
Anyway then was more waiting and more pushing and more cramming together. I called Cliff back and we flipped eachother off from across the crowd haha. (By the way I saw two people with Chocolate phones in front of me, they take good pictures haha)
Death Cab started at around 9 and their stage was cool. Black backdrop with trees on it and little white houses on each side that lit up pink in the beginning of the show. The lights were cool but I think I was blinded during Title and Registration. Those annoying girls decided to talk through any song that didn't come from Plans and kept screaming "I LOVE YOU BEN" and "PLAY SUMMER SKIN!"... thank you Death Cab for not playing Summer Skin. The crowd freaked out when they played Soul Meets Body... joy OC fans. I loved the album name drops, it's like they new most of the people there were there because of Plans, "This is a song from our album 'We have the facts and we're voting yes'" or "This is called 'President of What?' from an album called 'Something about Airplanes'". They did play a lot of Plans though, which is to be expected since they are touring in support of it. I like that album enough though. They didn't play "Brothers on a Hotel Bed" but they did play pretty much every other song on the album. The encore started the same as last year with an acoustic version of "I Will Follow You Into The Dark", I liked it better last year and I would actually like to hear him sing it like that without hundreds of people singing along, I did actually pay to hear him sing. Oh well, I think I've been spoiled by "The Weight" shows because when Dave feels like busting out Home with no instrumental accompaniment no one else is singing along, or when Joe Firstman use to sing Case of You everyone was shushed to silence. Thank God for 21 and up shows. Then some drunk girls were pushing around and saying "sorry", they stopped behind us and said "I don't think we're gonna get any closer", um no you're not and you're freaking 16 and smell like beer, seriously?
All in all the show was great, I can't believe we almost didn't go. And even though it was hot and smelly and smoky and there were annoying teenagers behind us that shouldn't be allowed to say they like Death Cab... I'm so in for next time they come.

After the show we weren't going to wait for the stupid shuttle and since our legs were sore from standing in one place so long we decided to walk back to the car. It was a nice walk and not too far at all. Getting out of the parking lot was another story. I think I got home at around 11:45. Then my cat had to wake up the whole house with his meowing, haha, awesome.

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