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It rained today!! YEAY!
Coming back from lunch with Angela, she dropped me off in front and I was getting wet lol! Then I had to run to the car to get something and I was literally running cuz it started pouring (well what sounthern californian's call pouring lol) and I didn't see a puddle and BAM the bottom of my pants were soaked LOL! I loved it though! It was hilarious!

Watched Primal Fear (I think that's what it's called lol) last night. I think I've seen it before but I'm not positive. Cool movie tho. Watched the end of Hope Ranch tonight cuz my mom was watching it when I went downstairs to watch my "A Walk To Remember" DVD, so she didn't let me watch it :(. So I watched the last hour of Hope Ranch (on Animal Planet) with her and that movie was good hehe, gotta love cowboy movies.

Like my Kelly ICON? I had to make it cuz I've seen other American Idol icons and ummm...yeah no comment hehe. Now I have 10 again tho...stupid limit :-P

I was so mad driving home that I didn't have my camera! The sky looked awesome! I'd love to take it with me everywhere but I'm so paranoid cuz the lady said "you drop it once and the LCD screen won't work anymore". Eeep!

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