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a bitching post.

grrr... damn you 'Drowning on Dry Land'!!

So I usually watch Grey's on fridays now instead of thursday nights. But last night they replayed last years bomb episodes instead of thursday night's show! AHH!

AND since I'm on dial up I can't watch it on

SO now I'm downloading it from iTunes for $1.99. I started it last night and it said it would take 17 hours (Dial up remember). At one point it said 39 hours. I guess we shall see because right now it's on 272.5 MB of 520.3MB and it's saying 3 hours left, then again an hour ago it said 69 minutes left HAHA RIGHT!

Damn you ABC! You can't start a trend and then break it without warning!!

In other news my mom STILL hasn't put the tax program on her computer so I STILL can't do my taxes and now she's sick. Ugh can't I just do it, hello I'm the computer savy one anyway!

In other other news, since when did a dentist appointment turn into a Sonicare toothbrush infomercial. I swear the whole time she was cleaning my teeth she was talking about how we have to keep up with technology and my cleaning would be so much better if I was using that! I felt like I was trapped in infomercial hell! Not everyone has $100+ to spend on an electric toothbrush lady!!! The worst part is that I have to go back in and get a nightguard for when I sleep since my jaw is all fucked up. I swear if they talk about that damned toothbrush again I'm going to switch dentists!!

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