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What American Idol Are You?

Well I've gotta get ready. We're goin to Wal*Mart woohoo! Haha well we're going cuz Maria said they have patterns for bell sleeve tops so I asked my mom if we could use this fabric we bought a while ago and she said yeah that would be a good experience for you...uhh...I said "I asked if you could make it for me" and she's all "yes and I said you should make it for yourself". Great this will definately be something I never wear lol!

Then we're going to dinner with the grandparents again cuz yesterday my dad helped move my aunt back down here from LA so we're going to Black Angus.

I still have to do my homework lol!

  • Past

    Man, reading my old posts is cringy. lol

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  • Dude.

    *taps mic* Is this thing on?

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