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Memories of Tony

Heh I'm watching my tapes of Tony, damn you'd think there was an earthquake every 5 minutes! LOL! It's still for awhile and you get into it and then bam someone gets in the way or you move to much and EARTHQUAKE! LOL!

I'm watching the January 5th 2002 one from the Gig and I got all mad again like I was that night when that stupid guy kept getting in the way of the video camera lol! And then of course it's all shaky a lot of the time lol! But it's funny cuz he's drinkin water and says he's on a sabatacle cuz he got all wasted in New Orleans.

The other one I have isn't much better (it's from The Mint on January 26,2002) and it's over a sea of heads lol. What I wanna see is the one from the last time at the Mint on the 30th but Angela has it and hasen't made copies yet =P lol! Of course I'm no better, Im sitting here watching these and I never made them copies of them lol!

If you can't see Tony live on a friday night why not watch tapes of him right? lol!

I need to add my Tony Icon to my list, I hate only being able to have 10 pics to choose from.

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    Man, reading my old posts is cringy. lol

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