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So much for going to the Fall's WAY different now, I mean I use to love going, when I went to that school, way back WHEN! Even in high school it was fun, but now...geez it was just like when we went 2 years ago, we walked around, felt old, and left. LOL We were there for like 10 minutes tops LOL!

Anyway so then we drove around in circles trying to decide where to go. Then Angela said she wanted to go to the beach. So we started to head that way when she said "Wanna check out the Halloween Costumes at the Party City next to Wal*Mart" so I said yeah. We kept going down the 94 when we were getting since we had been talking about the beach I brought up Joe's Crab Shack since my Rainforest Cafe discount card works there too. So we decided to head down there instead.

We got there and they said it was a 45 minute wait, so Angela left her name and we walked out onto the beach. I was taking pictures (that weren't coming out lol) and stuff and then we just sat on the beach chillin'. lol! So after half an hour we went back and waited outside. Then when it was 45 minutes we went inside and asked if they had called our name before and they said yeah...hehe whoops. So then they said they'd seat us next. That place is cool lol! There's so much stuff to look at it's overwhelming lol I took some pics lol! Oh and we were being all dorky taking pics of eachother with funky faces (ah the uses of a digital camera lol) and one of me looks freaky man LOL! No I'm not posting it sorry lol! So that was fun. We got fish and chips and cheesesticks hehe! Dang man only go there if you are really hungry tho because it fills you up!

After that we were driving home talking about anything and everything and it was so funny at the same time, after we hit this huge bump in the street, we said "What the hyyyell (then laughed the exact same way)...that was so funny". It was crazy LOL! We even said everything the same like with the same intonation and everything lol! Then we started talking about how after graduation if we can't find any good graphics jobs we should take any job we find and then open our little graphics freelance company on the side. Which would be totally awesome! oh and we both hope we're moved out by 25 or we're gonna end up doing something drastic, like enlisting, just to get out lol!

But yeah that was so fun! And now I'm gonna upload and play with my pictures lol!

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