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I should go to bed...

So I found Golf Ball Textured Paper. If they will only give me a few sheets and if they'd get to me on time is another story. That's for my 3D Graphic Imagery class. I've spent to much time looking for that paper tho, I need to get to designing everything else.

Now I just need to find out where to sign up for a domain name for my web class. I've heard it's like $70/2 years. That's what my teacher said, it's for extra credit. He said it will be good for when we are looking for jobs...yeah maybe for people with short names...who's gonna wanna type in I don't even wanna type it lol! I need to get married to someone with a short last name lol! It's bad enough my first name is pretty long lol! But I like my name so it's's so bad tho when I sign credit card reciepts now it's Annaliese Ste....... lol!

And non-school related : I also wanna know how to change the background of my journal to a picture...I looked at the page you do it on and it was as if I was back in comp sci classes...what language is that? lol j/k. It can't be THAT hard if everyone is doing it!

anyway goodnight

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