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My front brakes are all fucked up, the pads are cracking and the back ones need to be cleaned or something...the Hollywood Hills really jacked them. Next time we go looking for someone's house Maria can drive.

They've been making that noise since we went up there...so I've been driving a death mobile for 3 weeks! I told them we needed to take it in but NOOOOOOOO...we'll take it next week...oh I forgot about that...ok how about next week! Ugh! Finally we took it in yesterday. And the worker was so boring, I was being my normal charming and friendly self and he didn't even laugh at any of my jokes! He's all "ok is there anything else?" and I said "well it needs to be washed hehe" and he was all serious faced...=P to him, he was cute too but no sense of humor = not cute =P.

...estimated $240 for the brakes, then there's the door latch thing that's going nuts and the oil change...I'm poor again :(.


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Sep. 20th, 2002 10:02 am (UTC)
$240 ain't so bad.

my brother-in-law kept putting off getting new brakes put on my sister's old tercel. while he was gone "fighting" in the war on terrorism, i was driving that car. i didn't know the brakes were bad. i would have taken it in for my sister, if i had known.

well, anyway, to make it short... one day the brakes started making this awful metal-on-metal noise. told my sister, she said "oh yeah, chris was supposed to take care of that." so i end up taking it in and it cost about $400 for the front brakes.
Sep. 20th, 2002 12:15 pm (UTC)
yeah...well that is the estimate and last time we got an estimate like that it ended up being like $600 total :/. But we'll see.
Of course now that I tell my parents that I was right and it was the brakes and we should have taken it in sooner and all that stuff they tell me I should have taken it in then and used the coutesy shuttle to get home :/. How rude!
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