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Ok so it was FREAKIN hot in east county today so Angela and I went here...

=) it was fun! and YEAY I'M NOT A LOBSTER haha! Sunscreen really does work lol!
Then we went to Jamba Juice and when we were coming back a car accident happened right in front of us. Some ghetto car rammed into the back of a truck and then sped off. People came running out but the car was already gone. It was weird cuz all I heard was this loud bang and then I looked us and saw all this debris fall.

Anyway I'm gonna take a shower now because...yeah...sand.

Oh and I didn't plan on watching the Emmy's but I turned it on anyway and I don't really care for Conan usually, but so far he's been hilarious =).

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    Man, reading my old posts is cringy. lol

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    *taps mic* Is this thing on?

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