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Quick post...or not lol

I'm at home yeay! (I have to go back for my 6:30 class tho) Haha of course what's the difference of being at home on the computer or being at school on the computer? Anyway so my 3pm class...I got out of it at 3:25 with instruction to go check out Toys R Us (for the turtle thing). So there's no time like the present right? So I went to Circuit City, bought the headphones we are repackaging, then went over a few stores to Toys R Us. Walked around there for a bit, omg they have NO turtle stuffed animals!! =P to them. But that's not what I was there for anyways. But I found some cute stuff lol! Got 2 christmas presents bought!! Haha and no not for kids, both people are over 20 years old lol! And I would say what I got but I think they read my journal so oh well. The cashier lady was SO nice tho! She saw what I bought and got all excited and asked if there were anymore, there was only one more, she said she was going to run back there and get it on her break LOL!

Ok so I heard Britney Spears is now going out with Nick Carter? Whatever...

This morning on Jeff and Jer they said 79% of women have a list of things to accomplish and a timeline in which to do it in. Most that called in said married by 25...that sounds about right but I don't think so for me haha not at the rate I'm going. I think I'll have to extend it to at least 28 lol.

So my weekend seems to be free...somewhat. I was gonna take my sister her VCR in LA but if we're going to see Tony next friday I might as well wait til then. I was going to have to make a turtle but my teacher said to just buy a stuffed animal turtle and rip it apart and 'edit' it for the headphones to fit in. So now I have to 'fix up' (lol) a turtle, practise my piano with the 1, 6, 4, 5, 1 progression and work on my website frame tree thingy ok I forgot what it's called lol! That stuff won't even take long, WOOHOO!!

Shhh....don't tell no one but if you live in san diego, listen to KSON at 5:30 and call in when 'Bye Bye' from Jo Dee Messina starts and if you are the 10th caller you win $1000!! =) Of course you will HAVE to split it with me since I told you about it lol!

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