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Tony show Oct. 11th

Well I would have pictures but my digital camera SUCKS! My video camera on the other hand did pretty good except the battery died out after half an hour =P. The video is good except for when my sis didn't wanna look in the viewfinder and the video cruses up to the ceiling haha.

Anyway we left for LMU at around 4pm and got there at 7. We kicked it for a while at my sisters place til 8:15 then we went to find a ATM just to find it was out of order, whatever, So we head down La Cienaga to the Mint. We walked in the door right at 9pm when our reservations were for. This guy asked if he could help us and we said we had reservations. Our table had people at we waited and waited...the guy said sorry for the wait and said we could have a round of drinks on the house so Maria got some Watermelon pucker thing, I got an Acid Trip (which I thought might knock me on my ass but it didn't faze me at all) and Chrissy got a Coke. The guy told us UCLA had a party there and took forever to order so they were a buit backed up, oh yeah and he asked who we were there to see and I said 'Tony Lucca' and he's all 'oh this isn't Tony Lucca' and I looked at him like he was crazy and I said 'yeah I know!' lol Anyway, we stood there for a littl while longer then Jenny came over and said hi and said their table was full too.

After Jenny left Vero walked in and they were waiting to ask about their reservations and she said hi to me and this is where I have to apologize lol! Ok I seriously don't act that bimboey sorry I don't know what was wrong with me lol maybe it was the Acid Trip lol. But she said "Hi Annaliese" and I said "oh hi omg I can't believe you remember me" all bimboey oh god if I saw someone do that I woulda been like oh god what is wrong with her haha.

I don't know why I was shocked anyway everyone remembers me...I don't know why, it's kinda weird but random people I don't even remember remember me haha. Anyway where was I?

So we finally got our table, we were starving and didn't even get to order until Tony was already on stage. Anyway so Chrissy grabbed my video camera and Tony came onstage =) and let the fun begin!

So I told Jayna I'd call her and leave the phone on so she could listen to Tony, so that's what I did next =) I could barely hear her it was so loud in there but I did and then I set her down on the table lol!

Ok so Tony's sitting there tuning his guitars and setting up right? Well he's got this black jacket on and once he's ready to start he took it off, oh my that boy's got some NICE arms, he was wearing a cut off Jack Daniel's shirt and my my Anyway Tony started out with "Lost Angelino" then I checked to make sure Jayna could hear and was still there and she said it sounded great =). Then he sang "Immaculate Dawn" and "Qu'est-ca Que C'est". Then he told us it was "damn good to be home folks, thanks for coming out tonight". Then he sang "Bad Guy" and at first my sis and I were like 'wait what's this song I know it but I don't' lol. Ok so next Tony started "Shotgun" and that's when the craziness started because a girl at the table next to us said "He's here" and I mean who else could "he" be right? So I glanced around, didn't see anyone then went back to Tony. The next time I looked over I saw him, there was JC in the ugliest sweater I'd ever seen, it seriously looked like vomit ok. Anyway it took me awhile to convince myself it was him cuz he looked shorter then I thought and I'm sorry but he's got a big head lol! I use to totally "LOVE" JC but now it's just like whatever. We did get him on video tho, he was rockin out boppin his head and chewing gum lol. Anyway so I told Maria and Chirssy he was there and they saw him, Keri Russel and Josh Ackerman (later we saw Chase and Dale, oh and Quincy too - I was tempted to ask him if he remembered Judi but it was too long ago I think lol). Anyway BACK TO THE SHOW! Then Tony talked about how he performed "Happily Ever After" at a wedding recently and went into that song. then there was a shoutout to Vero and the Street Team which was awesome! Then he sang "In My Life Today" (the other song my sis needs on mp3 lol, the other show she went to with us he sang Welcome to the Bay and those are the 2 she needs). Anyway then he sang 2 news songs I was one he performed last time at the Mint, which I'm guessing is called something like "(Let this) Love Fly Free" and the other he sang something like "That's the way it has to be"...he should really tell us the names of the new songs lol. Anyway the he closed with "Hollywood Chain Gang" like always...but then he came back and asked if we had time for one more song! And that's when it happened lol! He said "someone asked me why I don't sing this song since I put it on my album and all and so here it is" and he started tuning his guitar and I freaked...that's when he sang "Bottle of Rain"! YEAY Last time we were at the Mint I asked him why he haden't sang that and he said he sang it a lot when he wrote it but just hadn't sang it recently so he must have remembered I said "oh well next time"! YEAY!!!

Then we saw JC go over and talk to Tony and then try to leave, poor guy got bombarded the whole way out...oh and his "little buddy" was with him, I'm told that was Carlos and Chrissy said once JC broke free of the girls he grabbed his arm and led him out the door...hehe.

So after the show we went outside and waited for Tony to come out. We talked to Jen a bit and then I remembered Jayna was still on my phone haha (sorry about that again). So we talked to her some and we talked to Jenny some too and I took a pic of her and her friends for her and she talked to Jayna too. Anyway they all left and we waited outside. Ok so Tony came out drunk totally because he like ok I can't explain it but he walked out and looked at us and like bounced around okl that makes no sence but anyway so he talked to his friends a bit and then some other fans. Then after he had talked to everyone else I said "can I just say one thing?" cuz he obviously wanted to leave and all so I just said "Hey thanks for singing Bottle of Rain cuz last time we were here I'm the one that asked you about it" and he's all "yeah sure cool" (yeah nice whatever lol) and shook my hand and then we left. It was fun tho. We got back to Chrissy's place at around 12:30 and watched some TV, I was holding the remote and Maria said I'd change the channel and fall asleep and then wake up, change it again and fall asleep again hahaha ok Anyway so my sis is all like "hello why don't you go get ready and go to sleep" so that's what I did (it was almost 2am by then) and Maria turned off the TV when she got back I guess because I musta conked out after I laid down because I don't remember anything after that haha.

I woke up at 9am this morning but we lazed (is that a word? lol) around and didn't leave Chrissy's until like 1pm. Oh and I had to go out to my car in my pajamas because I had left my poof and shoes in the car lol. Some freaky skinny chick was all out there in spandex and then these 2 guys passed by me lol I felt FUNKY! But anyway we were finally on our way home and I said let's stop at the Taco Bell we always stop at and okay I couldn't find it at first lol I passed the street for it. Ok every other time we'd gone to this Taco Bell was at night and I found it perfectly but now in broad daylight I get lost?? LOL! Anyway we got home around 3:30 so even with our little detour and the traffic that we went thru we got home in record time.

But now I think I'm procrastinated long enough and I need to do my homework lol!

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