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That darn Alloy catalog sucked me in again!

Since I seem to be a glutten for punishment...and even though I hate I ordered more clothes lol 

product / item# / color / qty / price
 SLINKY TIE-BACK TUNIC  9M4313   camel  1  $22.00
 TANGO TOP  9R4310   camel  1  $22.00
 MUDD DISTRESSED STRETCH JEANS 35" INSEAM  8M4013   blue denim  1  $36.00
 ANGLED BELL SLEEVE TEE  9E4144   khaki  1  $15.00

subtotal: $95.00
shipping: $.00
estimated tax: $7.28
total: $102.28

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    Man, reading my old posts is cringy. lol

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