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You Can Never Go Back

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Me: 40, red head, tall.

Jobs: Mommy, Visual Merchandising, Photography Production Team, Web Designer, Musician Merch Girl and House-sitter Extrodinaire.
My Graphic Design Portfolio

"Jim, Jack, Johnny Red, Johnny Black and Jose, all my favorite men, you can have it any way you want as long as it's in a shot glass" ~ Coyote Ugly

'i'm sensitive and i'd like to stay that way' ~ Jewel

I seem to have issues with not thinking before I say things. It gets me in trouble sometimes. But I like being blunt and saying what's on my mind, why does everything need a yummy frosted coating?

Feel free to add me to your friends list! I love meeting new people!

I've been to 40 Joe Firstman shows...but nah I'm not a fan... heh! right!

my pet!

Thanks to spiffydaze for the LJ Nemo Mood Theme! YAY! =D

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